Gmail’s self-destructing emails in new version – See How it Works?

Google is revamping its mailing with latest features by which users can be benefited. It is testing its mailing service Gmail with advanced privacy features.

Sources hints that, Google
is now testing a new feature in their Gmail interface, which will allow users to send self-destructing emails. Self-destructing emails is a feature which currently provided by privacy-centric email providers such as ProtonMail and others.Google is considering such emails, and the privacy issue triggered by Facebook’s data theft seems the most likely reason.


Google is right now redesigning their Gmail interface after almost 4 years, and the new self-destructing emails can be part of this new change.

Here we explain How Self-Destructive Emails feature works :-

Sources hints that, Gmail work beyond the industry standard POP3/IMAP/SMTP protocols; and introduce self-destructing emails, based on a new protocol.

Techcrunch’s screenshot of Gmail showcases, there shall be a button called “confidential mode” in the compose email screen. Once clicked, the emails sent won’t be able to be forwarded, copy and paste, download or print.

An expiry date can be set, lasting one hour to one year, and even an SMS based confirmation step can be introduced………Read More>>

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