ICC World Cup 2019-Key Cricket Technologies Powering the Game

ICC World Cup 2019 will begin on May 30th and there is no short of expectations regarding the possibilities in place for Team India. Led by the charismatic Virat Kohli, India enter the World Cup ranked at number two in the ICC rankings,
and also as one of the favourites to lift the trophy. Over the years, Captain Kohli & Co. have established a firm reputation of snatching victories — be it by timely bowling strategies, or simply with the resilience of chasing down mammoth totals.

As it so happens, the much-loved sport of cricket also has a healthy dosage of technology in place. Going beyond the synchronised broadcast feeds, the cameras and lenses collectively costing thousands of dollars, and all the streaming apps and channels attempting to telecast the game live with only split seconds of delay, there are three key technologies that actually assist the game, and make it happen. These three technologies are used in evaluating decisions, which can make or break the game, and like always, is bound to have a final say in the game itself.


The first of the key decision reviewal technologies is Hawk-Eye’s ball-tracing feature. Developed by Hawk-Eye Technologies, the most commonly used decision reviewal system takes into account an augmented ball tracking system. This further accounts for the degree of spin on a ball and where it pitches (inside or outside the line of the wicket) to predict the trajectory of the ball, after it has hit the pads of the batsman…...Read More>>

Source: techiyogiz