iPhone users get Automatic Albums, Photo Filters, Reply Shortcut on WhatsApp

The new update for WhatsApp on iOS will allow users to use photo filters, organise images with automatic and a new reply shortcut. The instant messaging application for smartphones and tablets added these features in its new update version 2.17.30 for iPhones and iPads.

Right swipe your chats

With the new easy reply option for WhatsApp, iPhone users can now reply to their chats by swiping right on the texts they want to answer. This feature will come in handy in group chats when one user wants to answer to a specific group member.


Colour Filters

Now iOS users can add five different filters to the media they sent in their chats. Users can select from Pop, B&W, Cool, Film and Chrome which can be applied to images, video or GIFs in both individual as well as group chats.
To access them, users will have to select or capture the media they intend to send and swipe up. This will reveal the selection of the five filters. WhatsApp is expected to add more filters to its repertoire.

Automatic Albums

To save its users some hassle, WhatsApp on iOS now come with the option of automatically organising multiple images sent or received in a chat. This will save chat space and there will cut down on scrolling involved in getting to a particular image.

When the users send or receive five or more photos or videos, they will automatically be grouped into albums with a tile display in the messages. Simply click on one to expand.

These features are exclusively available for iOS version of WhatsApp only and are already available on App Store for download. There still is no news when will they be available for Android users.

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