Know what became costlier and what cheaper from this Budget’19

Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman spoke for more than two hours in her maiden budget speech and promised a better future to countrymen. Though she didn’t make many changes in tax slabs, she introducedcess and excise duties on some products.

With her budget receiving mixed reactions across the spectrum, let’s take a look at things which became costlier and those which became cheaper.


Now, spend more to buy petrol and gold :-

In a move which didn’t sit well with citizens, Sitharaman levied a cess and excise duty of Rs. 1 each on diesel and petrol.

She also increased customs duty on gold and other precious metals to 12.5%, from the existing 10%, effectively making their purchase costlier.

Items like cigarettes, hooka, fully imported cars, automobile parts, optical fiber cable, digital cameras, cashew, also became costlier…Read more>>