New Crash codes causes WhatsApp to crash, phone to hang

Whatsapp community blog WABetaInfo is claiming that the text bomb dubbed as ‘Scarry Messages’ originated and more prevalent in Brazil. This started in mid-August but now, it has grown to wider global regions.

The text bomb contains a series of randomly placed special characters and makes no sense in terms of meaning or creative art like the most WhatsApp forwards we receive. Even WhatsApp on phones too has failed to comprehend the meaning and is causing the messenger app to crash on loop. Even when WhatsApp is closed and opened again, it causes the phone to hang and renders it inoperable.


As of now, there is no temporary solution and also WhatsApp is yet to respond to the mayhem on its messenger app service.

For now, WhatsApp users are advised not to open chat sessions nor read messages from unknown numbers or contacts……Read More>>


Source:- techiyogiz